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Meet The Chef
Chef Justin Song

Chef Justin Song

The man behind the sensational cuisine at Sichuan Kitchen is the Sichuan native himself. Chef Justin Song blends innovation with authenticity throughout his 20-year trajectory in culinary, having spent most of his career in his homeland China. With an impressive track record from his last stint at Shangri-La Tangshan, Chef Justin arrived in Malaysia with an unwavering passion rooted in his native culinary traditions as one of his known fortes.
The Chengdu-born now leads Sichuan Kitchen, the latest cult-favourite 'hot pot' spot in Kuala Lumpur, since its inception in 2023. Despite being a man of few words, Chef Justin's commitment to introduce the authentic taste of Sichuan while subtly weaving in local inspirations to better suit the locale's taste buds, is truly larger than life.